The Thief

Detective Gilraen tried not to show the disgust she felt by being in such close proximity to such a foul creature. She really did try to treat everyone without bias but this stringy haired piece of slimy misery nearly turned her stomach. She just wished he would go back to whatever cave he’d crawled out of. She tried to avoid looking at him by staring at the glass wall in front of them but his pale reflection stared into her eyes. How could she avoid those gruesomely large orbs that seemed to shine with their own inner light like swamp gas. He looked like someone capable of murder, but only in the sneakiest sort of way. At the sound of his sniffling she turned her head to look at him directly. He sat with his hands splayed on the table, reminding her of a giant spider, and she hated spiders. Their silent trap laying and their far too many appendages were just wrong, and should be illegal. She repressed a shiver.

He should be on the other side of the glass, she thought, where the motliest rouges gallery she had ever seen was filing in. Even as they reached their places and turned to face the mirrored surface before them the gangly creature leapt to his feet and pointed a long thin finger at the lat figure in line, a well dressed portly gentleman in an immaculate waistcoat.

“That’s him,” hissed her witness. “The short one with the hairy feet. Just you see what it’s got in it’s pocketses.”

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  3. Dan Grant / Dan Allen
    Aug 03, 2018 @ 18:19:33

    Vivid descriptions of the thief. Yet your descriptions creep up on the reader like a thief would, only to surprise the reader by the end with the realization that the thief is Gollum! A treat to read.



    • nikfuns
      Sep 22, 2020 @ 16:25:26

      Thank you for your feedback, Dan! I haven’t even looked at the page for several years, so I’m just seeing your comment now. I’m planning on reviving it with new stories. Hope you come back to read more.



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