National Geographic

On Saturday, I attended the Texas State Jousting tournament which took place in the Village of Sherwood. I do not normally seek out entertainment that involves grown men poking each other with sticks. So when I say attended, what I really mean is that I keep a shop within the village where I sell the books we write and the toys I make. I can see the jousting lists from my doorway.

My shop also happens to be right next to the stables and the gate where the jousters come in and out. On this particular day the back area of my shop and all the surrounding area was crawling with National Geographic film crews. They were there to film the jousting for one of their TV Specials due to be aired this fall. Being a considerate and accommodating creature, I did my best to work around them, and even set up a couple of my chairs for them to use during the day.

Around mid-afternoon I was ready for a break myself and went out back to spend some time in my favorite lounger. This was when I discovered why National Geographic travels all over the world. It’s to get away from the wasted environments they leave in their wake. What I found in my backyard was cheese (I hope) smeared into the seat of my chair. The remains of the offending sandwich and the wrapper had been tossed on the ground nearby despite the large garbage can five feet away. Empty drink containers were scattered liberally around with other bits of random garbage. Before I could sit down and relax I had too wipe down my chair, cover it with a clean cloth, pick up all the garbage in my backyard, and kick the empty drink containers into a pile around their coolers.

But it turned out okay. At the end of the day they gave me a hat to thank me for allowing them to take over and destroy my eco-culture. This is in the civilized tradition of giving representatives of a local culture (i.e. obviously inferior and savage culture because they did not have the benefit of our civilization’s culture) cheap adornments in exchange for taking whatever they want.

Hello World!

Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of my blog. The way this works is at the begging of spring, i.e. now, I will make a commitment to writing regular blogs about all the fascinating ideas that parade through my exceptional brain on a daily basis. This is done as a semi-magical social contract that will theoretically induce readers to flock to my blog.

I am, in fact as well as deed, so fired up and committed to this endeavor that it will be at least two weeks before the constant stream of insights and wit begin to taper off. At that point, procrastination will set in as I realize how much blogging is cutting into my video gaming. By week three I will be wondering what the point is since no one is reading my drivel anyway. By the end of a month the whole project will have been abandoned and nearly forgotten.

But wait, there’s more to come. By the new year I will have resolved to do it all again. But having forgotten my user name and password by then I will have to open a whole new account. Bye for now.

NEXT TIME ON MY TOTALLY UNIQUE AND AWESOME BLOG: Harry Meets Sally, Will worlds collide? Find out on the evening news as they continue to find something to frighten us with every single fricken day! Plus, some celebrity does something.

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