Uncles are sometimes projected in a bad light because a minority of them act dangerously towards children; Catholic priest dangerously in some cases, and witless when it comes to children in others. On average, in most cultures, an uncle is a benefit to the family. He helps and gives what he can to the support of the family and education of the children. His role is to be there to take over if the parents need additional help or cease to be.
The other kind is a bane. He leaches everything he can from his relatives and buggers the kids before selling them into slavery or foreign meat markets. His name is Uncle Sam.
Aunts are traditionally a better sort of person in both categories. They will often go so far as to change diapers and support ingrate wastrels like Wooster. There are bad ones that have been so malformed by whatever societal inbreeding warped them, they try to remove all original personality from any youth within their grasp. Yet, even the worst of them, Aunt Flo herself, only shows up once a month to slap the good humor out of you and kick you in the nether’s.


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